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Internet of Magic Things: How to Improve IoT Systems 23.11.2016 15:38

Currently, there are various methods of interface development. For instance, there is the "character-based" method when a developer uses patterns of user’s behavior and creates interfaces by taking into account their peculiarities. The method called "JobsToBeDone" is based on analyses of situations. There are also "flexible" methods like "agile" and "lean" that use ultrashort design cycles, and constantly check the result. All these approaches include design and maintenance of user scenarios. Here, one faces a problem, as basic scenarios cannot be applied to interaction with Internet of Things (IoT).

For example, one of IoT’s characteristics is that each network node, which appears when one installs a new device, provokes plenty of scenario transitions. Besides, all devices have their own micro scenarios. One also has to take into account that different users with various needs will use the same device. This makes the compound interface much more complicated. That is why one cannot apply basic methods.