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HackDay #41 in St. Petersburg 20.03.2016 06:22

The participants of HackDay #41 will have only 48 hours to take their idea to a functioning IT project and present it to experts. 

Finishes March 27, 2016
Starts March 25, 2016

On Friday the participants will talk about their ideas and make up teams. The next two days they will spend building their prototypes and working with their mentors. They'll be able to work on site around the clock. 

The main objective is to present a working prototype in 48 hours. It can be a mobile or a web app, an IoT gadget or a robot. The areas of applications are not regulated, but the projects will be judged in the following nominations:

- startup

- tech

- hack

- original 3D application for web

- original b2e solution

Sponsors and partners will offer additional awards.

There's a 512 roubles participation fee that can be waved for those who register and write a motivational letter.

Top mentors include Yaroslav Reshetnikov, managder at ADNetwork, Autodesk, Vladimir Orekhov, developer at Booking.com, Michael Kechenov, founder of REES46, and others. 

Contact info

Mikhael Kulakov, project manager

e-mail: mikhail.kulakov@mkechinov.ru