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For Students

If you are a student of the Software Development Chair, you have the following advantages:

  1. Training at the prestigious University.
    The ITMO University is in a unique "optical–computer" University. Such a wonderful combination and a great international popularity have caused many domestic and foreign universities and companies of great interest in the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. The University is the winner of the competition 5/100/2020 and actively fighting for the occurrence of the top 100 universities in the world.

  2. Russian and European diplomas in two years.
    Training during the academic year in one of the leading international Universities partner of ITMO University – Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland, and graduates receive two diplomas:
    - diploma of ITMO University awarding the degree of master in the program
    11.04.02 Software in Infocommunications;
    - international diploma Lappeenranta University of Technology - Master of Science in Technology in the field of Computer Science majoring in Software Engineering.

  3. Financial support for study abroad.
    ITMO students enrolled in the master program Software in Infocommunications, with an excellent evaluation and publication of scientific articles, studying at LUT without additional payment and receive higher scholarship of the ITMO University.

  4. Unique laboratory facilities and access to advanced IT-technologies.
    Working in modern technical equipment, allowing implementing innovative approaches in education, research and scientific activities.

  5. Participation in Russian and international conferences with publication of results in leading journals.

  6. The continuation of the academic career (PhD, Postdoc).