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About Chair

Software Development Chair has high level hardware & software technical base, allowing implementing innovative approaches in education & research activities; quality educational program’ methodological support. In addition, the chair is made up of information and consulting system for the purpose of information exchange with leading domestic and foreign scientific and educational communities.

The chair incorporates highly qualified personnel, including: 5 PhD with academic rank of professor and associate professor; 4 senior teachers; 8 part-time staff, including PhDs, professional IT-specialists; 15 Certified trainers with Certifications: Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Novell.

Software Development Chair made for the possibility of students' participation in Russian and international researches and conferences, is assisting in the publication of research results in leading Russian and international refereed journals, Scopus, WoS Thomson Reuters

A significant advantage is the ability of graduates continues their studies in the PhD programs of the ITMO University and other Russian and Foreign Universities.

Software Development Chair collaborates with European Universities, including a cooperation agreement with the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). In addition, more than 17 years, the chair has agreements with the leading Western IT-companies – Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, HP, EMC, VUE, etc.

The chair staff has more than 20 years’ experience working in Authorized Training Center for IT technologies, in which more than 1 000 specialists are trained annually on modern IT technologies included authorized courses of Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Comp TIA, Novell, PMI, etc.